A broad range of print and digital components ensures the flexibility you need to fit the reality of your teaching situation.

  • The Teacher’s Edition and Lesson Planner is a complete teaching management tool
  • ActiveTeach provides a menu of teacher resources for lesson planning & in-class presentation
  • Full Class Audio Program
  • Complete Assessment Package with ExamView® software
  • Copy & Go: Ready-Made Interactive Activities for Busy Teachers
  • Full-Course Placement Tests
  • Top Notch TV Video Program
  • MyTopNotchLab (for online blended learning)

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Student's Book with ActiveBook
  • Systematic recycling and reinforcement of language makes English unforgettable.
  • Now with ActiveBook self-study disc for learning outside the classroom
  • Top Notch Fundamentals: for true beginners or false beginners who need a review
  • Top Notch 1: for false beginners or for students who have completed Top Notch Fundamentals
  • Top Notch 2: for high-beginning students
  • Top Notch 3: for low-intermediate students
  • Summit 1: for high-intermediate students
  • Summit 2: for advanced students
Also available:
  • Student's Book with ActiveBook and MyLab
  • Split Editions: half the Student's Book + half the Workbook + ActiveBook – with and without MyLab
A self-study disc with every Student’s Book to reinforce language learning outside the classroom:
  • Digital Student's Book pages with full audio
  • Interactive speaking, listening, reading, grammar & vocabulary practice
  • Printable activity records & unit study guides
  • Top Notch Pop and karaoke
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MyEnglishLab Top Notch
An online learning tool that perfectly partners the Top Notch syllabus, for personalized practice & assessment
  • Personalised instruction, practice and feedback with automatic Gradebook
  • Easy-to-use course management and record-keeping
  • Extensive language practice in all skills
  • Pop-up grammar support
  • Complete Top Notch TV Video Program with viewing activities
  • Free writing practice with submit to teacher
  • Record yourself speaking and submit to teacher
  • Complete Achievement Tests
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The illustrated Workbook provides additional practice and reinforcement of language concepts and skills from the Top Notch Second Edition Student's Book. There are skills, grammar and vocabulary exercises for every page of the Student's Book.
Teacher’s Edition and Lesson Planner with ActiveTeach
The Teacher’s Edition and Lesson Planner is a complete teaching management tool with suggested teaching times, optional activities, cross-references to all components, language and culture notes, teaching notes for the Top Notch TV Video Program.
  • A Methods Handbook of communicative language teaching
  • Tips on teaching a Top Notch unit
  • Correlations to international standards and exams
  • Detailed timed lesson plans
  • Cross references to other Top Notch components
  • Language, culture, and corpus notes
  • Usage information about American and British English
  • Top Notch TV Teaching Notes
  • Student’s Book and Workbook Answer Keys
  • Audioscripts
  • A bound-in ActiveTeach multimedia disc with a menu of teacher resources for customisation to any teaching style and reality
A disc with every Teacher’s Edition for lesson planning & in-class presentation:
  • Digital Student’s Book pages with full audio & interactive whiteboard tools
  • Extra practice activities in all skills
  • A complete menu of printable resources
  • Contains the complete Top Notch TV video program
  • Works on an iWB and with a computer and projector
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Class Audio Program
The audio program contains listening comprehension activities, rhythm and intonation practice, and targeted pronunciation activities that focus on accurate and comprehensible pronunciation. To prepare students to communicate with a variety of speakers, regional and non-native accents are included.
  • Vocabulary presentations
  • Conversation models
  • Pronunciation exercises
  • Reading passages
  • Listening comprehension passages
  • Top Notch Pop Songs in standard and karaoke form
Complete Assessment Package with ExamView® software
Easy-to-administer and easy-to-score unit achievement tests assess listening, vocabulary, grammar, social language, reading, and writing. In addition to the photocopiable achievement tests, ExamView® software enables teachers to customize tests that best meet their own needs.
  • Ten printable Achievement Tests (one for each unit of the Student’s Book)
  • Two printable Review Tests (one mid-book and one end of book)
  • Two printable Speaking Tests with oral assessment guidelines
  • Audioscripts
  • Answer Key
  • PLUS a bound-in CD-ROM that includes:
    Audio for all listening sections
    ExamView® software so you can revise, delete, or add items
Copy & Go
Motivating games, puzzles, and other practice activities in convenient photocopiable form support Student's Book content and provide a welcome change of pace.
  • Ready-made photocopiable interactive activities for busy teachers
  • One photocopiable activity for every lesson
  • Just copy, and you’re ready to go!
Full-Course Placement Tests
These Placement Tests will accurately place students into Top Notch Second Edition Fundamentals, 1, 2, or 3, or into Summit 1 or 2. Each Placement Test takes one hour to administer.
  • Four forms of the test (Placement Tests A, B, C, and D) for photocopying
  • Audio for the Listening Test
  • Detailed instructions for administering the Placement Test
  • Guidelines for scoring and placement
  • Audioscripts
  • Answer Keys
Each Placement Test consists of:
  • Listening Test: three listening passages with ten multiple-choice items
  • Reading Test: two reading passages with ten multiple-choice items
  • General Test: 36 multiple-choice items testing vocabulary, grammar, and social language
  • Guidelines for scoring and placement
  • Optional Speaking Test: For programs that choose to administer a Speaking Test, there are two forms included. The test consists of an interview based on a picture. The Speaking Test takes five to ten minutes per student to administer.
Top Notch TV Video Program
  • Featuring TV-style situational comedy, plus authentic, unrehearsed on-the-street interviews featuring a variety of regional and non-native accents. Available for all 4 levels of Top Notch.
  • Activity Worksheets and teaching notes are also available on the ActiveTeach Multi-ROM.
Online Resources & Support
Register to this Companion Website to access additional resources for teachers:
  • Connect with other Top Notch users
  • Contribute your views and share ideas
  • Professional development for Top Notch users
  • Free downloadable and printable resources
  • Sample units and CEF correlations
  • Author videos and podcasts


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