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ESOL Skills for Life

Cutting Edge / New Cutting Edge ESOL Worksheets

These Worksheets have been developed specifically for teachers and learners of ESOL in the UK who are using the Cutting Edge/New Cutting Edge Students' Books. A few of the Worksheets can be used independently, but most teachers will use them as support for, or revision of, material in the Students' Book.
Each Worksheet is clearly referenced to the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum, with the descriptors for each task given in a box at the bottom of each one.

The ESOL Worksheets are free and can be downloaded as PDFs at the following levels:

Pre-entry Level

Entry Level 1

Entry Level 2

Entry Level 3

Longman Photo Dictionary 3rd edition ESOL Entry 1 Resources

  • 60 photocopiable worksheets cover 15 topics, including work, food, health, and
  • 1 Literacy Worksheet for every topic
  • Each worksheet is illustrated with full colour pictures
  • Worksheets are graded so that students of different abilities can work on the same topic

Longman Photo Dictionary

Teachers' Ideas

Click on links below to download worksheets:
1-4: Personal Data
5-8: Daily Routine
9-12: The Living Room
13-16: Jobs
17-20: Parts of the Body
21-24: Food
25-28: Transport
29-32: Money
33-36: Shopping
37-40: Numbers
41-44: Calendar & Festivals
45-48: Time
49-52: The UK & Ireland
53-56: Weather & Seasons
57-60: How to Use a Dictionary